Graphic Novel: Wandering Star - a beautiful story, written years before its time

by Fred Showker


This much-praised space drama follows the far-flung adventures of Casandra, daughter of the President of the United Nations of Earth and the first terran accepted into the Galactic Academy. Casandra discovers to her woe that Earth isn't the most popular of planets and joins the outcasts working on Wandering Star, the Galactic Alliance's prototypical spaceship. When the Bono Kiro, the Alliance's longtime enemy, makes a sudden reappearance, Casandra and her misfit crew just might turn out to be the galaxy's last hope. Sure to delight the legions of fans of the series, this beautiful hardcover edition collects all 21 of the original comics for the first time.

Terry Moore fpr Overstreet's Fan Magazine writes :

Quoting  begins Wandering Star is a beautiful story, written years before its time. Space epics were not in vogue when Teri Wood wrote and drew this story. She didn't do it for fame, or money, she did it for love. And, she crafted her story without the influence of today's trendy tropes. That's the perfect combination for timeless fiction. Since its completion, Wandering Star has sat squarely in the company of the most beloved works of fiction, waiting for its time. Thanks to this omnibus, the time is now. ... Simply one of the best sci-fi comics ever written. Quoting  ends

Comics Buyers Guide says :

Quoting  begins [Wood's] science-fiction series shows her clear vision of story and character — and excellent ability to delineate both. Quoting  ends

Comics Worth Reading reviews it :

Quoting  begins Good science fiction turns on a compelling 'what if'. In this case, it's 'What if the Earth wasn't the center of the civilized universe? Quoting  ends

GO Wandering Star

      (Dover Graphic Novels) Hardcover
      by Teri S. Wood

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