25 awesome examples of fantasy illustration from The Golden Age of Illustration

by Fred Showker

Bookshelf From the Art Nouveau period, famous fables and tales were enjoying a true revival, and of course those books had to have cover illustrations and plates that would tell the story. These artists have delighted a dozen generations -- yet their work seems as fresh and inviting as it did the day the books hit the shelves. These were some of the leaders of the "golden age of illustration" -- Please enjoy these from Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble, Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac and Willy Pogány

Arthur Rackham's Fairy Tale IllustrationsFantasy Illustrators

Superb collection of 55 lovely plates, reproduced from rare, early editions, includes a rich selection of fairy tale images by one of England's leading illustrators of the early 20th century.
      Includes scenes from Irish Fairy Tales, English Fairy Tales, Hansel and Gretel, Snowdrop and Other Tales, Little Brother & Little Sister, and more.
creative visual inspiration Full story : Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations by: Arthur Rackham, Jeff A. Menges

Goble's Fairy Tale Illustrations

Fantasy Illustrators English artist Warwick Goble (1862–1943), an expert in watercolor techniques, was among the era's premier illustrators. This one-of-a-kind collection gathers the best of his fairy tale imagery, featuring eighty-six visions of memorable scenes from timeless folk tales.
      The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream, along with works by Milton, Tennyson, and other poets. Readers of all ages will cherish this unique book and its splendid combination of art and literature.
creative visual inspiration Full story : Goble's Fairy Tale Illustrations: 86 Full-Color Plates by Jeff A. Menges; Warwick Goble (Illustrator)

Nielsen's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full ColorFantasy Illustrators

Along with Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, Kay (pronounced "kigh") Nielsen was one of a triumvirate of great artists from the golden age of illustration. Known for his soft yet ornate pastels and a splendid use of various design elements, the Danish-American artist became famous for his memorable illustrations of stories
      This enchanting compilation of 59 full-color illustrations draws upon Nielsen's images from scores of beloved tales, from the nasty characters in "Rumpelstiltskin" to the mysterious and magical figures in "The Blue Belt," "The Hardy Tin Soldier," "The Nightingale," "The Real Princess," "Hansel and Gretel," "Snowdrop," and many more.
creative visual inspiration Full story : Nielsen's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color by Kay Nielsen

Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color

Fantasy Illustrators One of the most influential (and most prolific) illustrators of children's books during the early twentieth century, Edmund Dulac brought countless fairy tales to life through his distinct artistic style, subtle use of color, and fanciful compositions.
      This archive of masterworks by the renowned illustrator — all reproduced from rare early editions — contains 55 of his most beguiling images. Included are exquisite illustrations for "The Sleeping Beauty," "Cinderella," "The Snow Queen," "The Nightingale," "Princess Badoura," "The Real Princess," "The Mermaid," and other tales. Certain to delight fairy tale enthusiasts, this lovely collection will be treasured as well by lovers of fine art.
creative visual inspiration Full story : Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations by Jeff A. Menges and Edmund Dulac

Willy Pogány RediscoveredFantasy Illustrators

Famed in the early twentieth century for his Art Nouveau–style depictions of episodes from mythology, Willy Pogány illustrated books for readers of all ages. This collection — featuring the best examples of design, illustration, and calligraphy from the artist's early career — returns a long-neglected master illustrator to the public eye.
      This is the first collection of his selected works, featuring many hard-to-find images that have been out of print for more than 80 years. More than 100 color and black-and-white illustrations include scenes from fairy tales and adventure stories
creative visual inspiration Full story : Willy Pogany Rediscovered Paperback by Jeff A. Menges, Willy Pogany

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Dulac_0 Dulac_2 Dulac_3 Dulac_4
Dulac_0 Dulac_2 Dulac_3 Dulac_4
Dulac_5 Dulac_6 Goble_0 Goble_1
Dulac_5 Dulac_6 Goble_0 Goble_1
Goble_2 Goble_3 Nielsen_0 Nielsen_1
Goble_2 Goble_3 Nielsen_0 Nielsen_1
Nielsen_2 Nielsen_3 Pogany_0 Pogany_1
Nielsen_2 Nielsen_3 Pogany_0 Pogany_1
Pogany_2 Pogany_3 Pogany_4 Pogany_5
Pogany_2 Pogany_3 Pogany_4 Pogany_5
Pogany_6 Pogany_7 Rackhams_0 Rackhams_1
Pogany_6 Pogany_7 Rackhams_0 Rackhams_1
Rackhams_2 Rackhams_3 Rackhams_4 Rackhams_5
Rackhams_2 Rackhams_3 Rackhams_4 Rackhams_5

Many of us grew up with these classics, many others never had the pleasure. Any of these will make superb gifts for today's young folks ... of all ages! Enjoy
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