Ah, Provence! That charming region of France now can frame your prized photos!

by Fred Showker

Photoshop Madness Romantic and adorable, Provence style captures the essence of French countryside living. The brand new Provence Pack by AKVIS includes 100 romantic and exquisite picture frames providing an artful balance between rustic and chic. Get inspired by the authentic Provence motifs!

Ah, Provence! That charming region of France can boast of wonderful scenery - its beautiful rustic vineyards, honey-stone hilltop villages, rocky calanques, seductive azure Mediterranean waters, flamingo-filled lagoons, ancient monuments, olive farms and fragrant lavender fields can enchant even the most demanding visitors. Provence is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a slower pace of southern life - just imagine a walk through an old picturesque village in the late summer sunshine and a café crème and a croissant in a small street café.

Photoshop Madness

That cozy and calm spirit of provincial France is also reflected in the Provence interior design style that is tremendously popular today. Its warm pastel shades, natural materials, vintage furniture, white-washed wood, floral patterns, and numerous cute shabby chic accessories from flea markets create an atmosphere of love, harmony and tranquility.

Photoshop Madness

The charming Provence frame pack is an excellent way to embellish your memorable pictures with rustic French accents and turn your otherwise somewhat boring photo album into a lovely picture art gallery! You can also use these elegant frames to add a romantic touch to your Provence-themed dinner party invitations or to a wedding stationery collection that will make your big day special. Evoke southern French charm and elegance with the Provence frame pack!

GO Provence Pack includes 100 picture frames

The new frame pack costs $17. Use this special coupon code subscrallsoft and save 10% on all purchases. The discount works for all AKVIS programs as well as for the frame packs. It does not work for bundles or upgrades.

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