A Brief History of Typography: 300 Years of Type Faces, Fonts, and the people behind them

by Fred Showker

History of Typography I have completely updated and refined our legendary typography series, originally authored by Thomas Phinney. This eight page dissertation now accurately links to all the type faces and fonts mentioned in the text. So, welcome to 2017, and an opportunity to trace the 300-year history of typography, without ads, or stalkers or predators! Enjoy!

Click here to go to the gallery As you may already know, this was one of the features in our 14th Annual Fonts Festival. However, since that first publication in 2010, most all of the reference links had gone dead. It's a travesty in the modern Web that through all the new changes and updates required by mobile, Google and other forces, many millions of links go dead. Then Google comes back and devalues the site because it has dead links -- when in all likelihood, Google or the global switch to CMS systems caused it.

This dissertation is presented in these chapters :

  1. A Brief History of Typography Introduction
  2. Typography through the centuries
  3. Transitional & Modern Type Families
  4. Sans Serif: Gothic and Grotesque
  5. Slab Serif: Egyptian Type Styles
  6. Decorative & Display Typestyles
  7. Script fonts, scripts, quills, brush and calligraphic
  8. Modern Day: Synthesis, Sans, Serif and Grunge Type

Additionally, we have assembled a complete TYPOGRAPHY GALLERY which presents the most important fonts in the series.

In the last chapter, we've presented Thomas Phinney's bibliography as well as the Design Center Typography Department bibliography.

Enjoy . . .

And, ... Thanks for reading

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