Signs of the Times : New NAIL Magazine Celebrates Creatives in the Resistance

by Fred Showker


ted leonhardt Folks, I don't generally run just any piece that appears in my in-box, and certainly I try to steer clear of political issues (particularly in these times) but Ted Leonhardt has been a contributor over the years, and is certainly qualified to grace the pages of DT&G. He's come up with some crazy stuff in the past, but this? Well, this might just top them all! A magazine for creatives in the resistance? I know I'll catch a lot of crap on this one, but go ahead . . . hit me with your best crap!

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Everyone is trying to leverage "Trumpitis" and exploit these times to generate revenue. People are drawing illustrations and writing blogs and articles referring to, relating to, arguing with or torturing Donald Trump in hopes they'll go viral and get rich. Little do they know that it's all controlled by the Silicone Valley elite, and the liberal media, and nobody gets rich unless they want them to. But that's another story.

As you've read in several past articles, Ted's mission is to help creative professionals find their seat at the bargaining table and negotiate on an even playing field. Now, he's launched "NAIL" a new magazine that shows how creatives can thrive in the age of Trump

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Ted writes :

Quoting  begins NAIL’s mission is to look at the lives of creatives across the world ... We’re interested in how talented, committed, empathetic people thrive in this current moment of incivility, visceral and psychic violence, information bombardment and fake news, and the post-truth culture of Donald Trump. Quoting  ends


The inaugural issue of NAIL features 124 pages of analysis, career tips, and profiles of creatives. In the cover story, “How Do We Survive This Bully?” Leonhardt explores the meaning of leadership and charts a course for how to tack against negotiation bullies by suggesting ways to handle the Trumps of the world.


In two in-depth profiles of exceptional creatives, NAIL features poet Corey Black and cartoonist Ellen Forney. Black is a St. Louis-based spoken word artist who shares lessons in making his poetry his full-time gig. Forney is a well-known Seattle cartoonist whose graphic memoir about bipolar disorder has a continuing impact and is taught in medical schools.

NAIL will be published quarterly and is independently distributed in print ($20) and digital ($14) formats directly from . . .


cover About NAIL and, LLC NAIL and, LLC, are projects of business and design expert Ted Leonhardt, former global creative director of FITCH Worldwide. Ted’s specialized approach to negotiation helps creative workers build on their strengths and own their value in the marketplace. He is a regular contributor to Fast Company and the author of
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