A new Graphic Design Tool includes a Collection of 6,000+ Free Templates

by Fred Showker

graphic design for non designers

graphic design for non designersDepositphotos who claims to be the world's leading visual content marketplace, has launched a program called Crello - a visual editor that allows users to create vibrant, professional grade designs with little or no training. Crello offers over 10,500 free images, including photos, icons, patterns, vectors, frames, shapes, and illustrations. Paid features cost up to $0.99 each, and the use of images is unlimited, so a paid item remains available for use indefinitely.


  • Crello lets users enjoy the creative process by eliminating any typical concern:
  • Money: one can create designs entirely for free, and paid features are inexpensive;
  • Time: even an intricate graphic can be created in a only a few clicks;
  • Expertise: the tool doesn't require professional skills or prior experience with graphic design.

graphic design for non designers

Studies show that visual content performs 4.4 times better than just plain text on social media platforms, and the higher quality images have a positive impact on engagement. Crello can be helpful to people without a graphic design background, who want to easily improve the quality of their visual content, which in turn, helps maintain an effective social media presence.

Some of Crello's most useful features include:

  • An easy starter kit: a collection of 6,000+ free templates, 10,000+ design elements, and over 60,000,000 stock high resolution photos;
  • Proper dimensions: 29 formats with preset sizes;
  • Personal touch: an option to upload one's own images and fonts to create unique content;
  • Modifications: a set of visual effects and filters to modify the image;
  • Multiple use license: purchased premium elements remain available for reuse.

GO Crello is available now
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Depositphotos is a commercial platform that brings authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors and videos together with appreciative buyers. The world's leading visual content marketplace offers more than 65 million stock photos, illustrations (including a broad selection of vector files and video content). Depositphotos serves over 3 million customers in 192 countries. The company headquarters are located in New York, with offices in London, Milan, Berlin, Kyiv, Moscow, and Warsaw. For more information, visit depositphotos.com.

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