A Special Thanks to YOU

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Holiday MessageI would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters and friends who help make the Design Center and "Design, Typography & Graphics" (DTG) online magazine a success. Without these fine friends and contributors the job would be much more difficult.

Of particular note this year, I'd like to thank Ingram and Dreamstime. As many of you already know, I've been intensely focused on helping to build a new children's museum for our community. Thousands of my volunteer hours have been spent over the past several years to bring this dream to our community.

Since the museum is non-profit, each penny they need to build the facility must come from donations. So they have to fundraise every penny they spend. One of the exhibits is called "The Great Outdoors" which features an entire wall, divided into four sections representing the four seasons.

As I searched for images to produce full 4-x-8 foot mural panels I was coming up empty-handed for high resolution images. I turned to our partners Ingram and Dreamstime. BOTH of these upstanding companies graciously and generously offered their images as a donation to the museum. We built the wall (the topic of an upcoming article) with their exquisite, extremely high resolution photos. Most online firms wouldn't do that. But Ingram and Dreamstime stepped up to the plate! Thank you Ingram and Dreamstime! It takes a whole village to raise a child ...

Great Outdoors
The panels will be separated by bark-covered, actual tree trunks, and as funds become available, we will open panels, windows, and other interactive devices into the wall to teach and entertain with facts and objects about nature.

Thank these special people for supporting your Design Center

... and to those who help bring high quality content:

  • Ainsley Bevis for her bright and squeaky-clean tutorials for Illustrator and Web design
  • Adri for her energetic and fun Photoshop tutorials
  • Thomas Phinney and his broad knowledge of type and typography
  • Princess Libra for her deep and comprehensive, advanced Photoshop tutorials,
  • All the folks at Icon Shock for those wonderfully lively icon tutorials in Adobe Illustrator
  • and last but not least Chuck Green for his mentorship and friendship -- and his relentless pursuit of quality in the graphic arts fields!

Add to those, all the others who participate, leave comments, and provide valuable input and feedback in both the Design Cafe and Photoshop 911 forums. We love you all, and we treasure your help and friendships!

To all the DTG online family
    -- happy holidays, and
           best wishes for a fabulous and visual new year!

thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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