My apology to all our readers

by Fred Showker

60-Second Windows at My apologies to all DTG readers who have enjoyed the Publishers's Warehouse and the treasure trove of resources and links there -- but who have found broken links, or links that send them off someplace they didn't expect to go. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about other online resources, and we have no real control over other sites that seem legit, but are not.

The old saying : "Once on the web, on the web forever." is really not necessarily true.

I was shocked to learn that some of the fairly well known sites with tutorials and downloads have switched content. Seems like once we start sending a bunch of traffic, they switch the content to revenue content. I clicked a link to a new Photoshop CS6 tutorial I shared last month, only to find it's been replaced by a YouTube music video with ads! This is a well known Photoshop site too -- recognized by Adobe! Obviously I removed the link.

Over the past several months all your emails and posts about "missing" resources has prompted us to start digging through the warehouse. Yesterday we opened and checked our links page to the best ever collections of Photoshop plugins and filters in the world -- only to be shocked that 100% of the links had gone dead, or been replaced. To my great disappointment, some of the once "great" graphic arts sites are now a spam sites for online drugs.

So, we had to delete the links page for those resources. But there are many others. A number of the sites seemed to have gone into affiliate park mode. I know this is a popular technique for nickle and dime revenue -- mostly outside the U.S. in 3rd-world countries where small affiliate revenue represents major income. They seem to load up a site with lots of implied resources and links to resources, then after a good traffic flow is established, they switch to pure affiliate parking. They then move on to a new domain, bring the implied resources along and open a new site to start the process over again.

So, in the future, I'll start capturing the better resources, and store them away so that in the event the site goes dark, the resources can be brought out of storage and re-linked.

Nothing's worse than a broken link to a good resource, or a site you once trusted gone bad. We sincerely apologize that so many of our links lists to tutorials, clip art, photography, plugins, textures, backgrounds, fonts and articles have so many broken links and dead destinations.

It's what happens when to link to another site and then that site goes dead.

Please ... if you get into any of the resources we do have available in the Publishers' Warehouse loading dock, and the link you wanted has gone dead, please click back and get the name of the page and report it to me for removal. All the other readers will thank you for your help, and . . .
      thanks for reading...

Fred Showker


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