20th Annual Designing Women Celebration Too

by Fred Showker

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Jessica Svendsen : real graphic design

21 Years of Designing Women Jessica Svendsen is a real graphic designer. Not like some of the 'specialty' designers who only do a couple of things. She's a real graphic designer. She's been a Designer at Pentagram in the New York City Area. But she's also been an instructor at the prestegious Parsons and Pratt schools. That doesn't come easy. She's been written up and showcased in many design magazines including Fonts In Use , Form Fifty Five , and It's That Nice .
      Liv Siddall of "It's That Nice" writes :

Quoting  begins When you're tired on a grey, raining morning such as this one it's hard to find something that really cheers you up. Sometimes I feel that even if someone gave me a flower on a cold winter morning I'd probably boff them in the face. Hopefully this unbelievable portfolio of colour and informed design from Pentagram’s very own Jessica Svendsen will kick the life back into you as it did me. Quoting  ends

women of design Full story : jessicasvendsen.com
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Amanda Jane Jones

21 Years of Designing Women Amanda is a graphic designer and art director from Chicago, IL. She's a Brigham Young University graduate and attributes her visual skills to Old books, flea markets and as much travel as she can get.
      We really liked her sensibility in design approach, and notion of fun. We really liked her photography on Instagram
women of design Full story : amandajanejones.com
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Nicole Miller-Wong

21 Years of Designing Women

Nicole Miller-Wong work is both minimalist and stunning -- both at the same time. How can that be? Take a look at her portfolio at or her Behance installation. See how she designs in a soft voice, plenty of air and exquisite under-spoken imagary.
      Nicole is a graphic and motion designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her clients range from big to small, including MTV, Nickelodeon, TVNZ, Mediaworks, Toybox, David Dallas, Caprice and others. She's the Co-Founder of Sorbet Design
Designing Women at Behance
women of design Full story : Nicole Miller-Wong & Sorbet Design
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