20th Annual Designing Women Celebration Too

by Fred Showker


20th Annual Designing Women Okay, we've found some more for "Women's History Month"! Actually, some of these were sent in by readers, and we have several more to bring ing. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the 20th Annual Designing Women edition surf part TWO :

  • Marie Assénat : How much fun can you have?
  • Jessica Svendsen : real graphic design
  • Leta takes a unique point of view
  • Felicita Sala Italian playfulness
  • Nicole Miller-Wong
  • Amanda Jane Jones
  • and more to come!

Felicita Sala Italian playfulness

21 Years of Designing Women We truly liked the works of Felicita Sala. Her playful illustrations and handling of type, scripts and layout are so fresh you imagine she just finished this David Copperfield cover.
      Felicita was born in Rome but grew up in Perth, Australia, where she graduated in European languages and philosophy. After a time spent between France and Spain she settled back down in Rome in 2007. We're glad she did -- with pen, inks, pencils and technology. Thanks for the good times, Felicita!
women of design Full story : Felicita Sala Illustration web site
20 years with women of design Here is a montage of Felicita's work

Marie Assénat : How much fun can you have?

21 Years of Designing Women With Marie Assénat, the answer is 'as much as you can handle' ...
      Marie is a french freelance illustrator hailing from Paris. As you can see, her sense of humor is contageous! That's how she got so many blue-chip clients like The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Diner Journal, Maison Française, Le Soir, Pastel, l'école des loisirs and many others! She loves drawing birds with my turkish slippers while I'm eating some choux à la crème... she graduated at ENSAV La Cambre, the Belgian National School of Visual Arts in 2010 -- but now lives and works in Brooklyn.
women of design Full story : Marie Assénat creative fun
20 years with women of design Click for more samples

Leta takes a unique point of view

21 Years of Designing Women Leta Sobierajski is a multidisciplinary designer and art director based in New York City combining traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling to create utterly unique visuals. Her work is incredibly diverse, ranging from conventional identities to brilliantly bizarre compositions. Her client list includes AIGA, Bloomberg Businessweek, Digg, Google, IBM, Kiehl’s, Refinery 29, and Renault, among many others.
      Unique point of view doesn't even cover it ... seriously folks ... don't miss the "It's That Nice" interview, and you're gonna LOVE her Instagram and you'll absolutely be absorbed into her "Compliments" project!
women of design Full story : Leta Sobierajski Graphic Design
20 years with women of design Click for another sample


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