20th Annual Designing Women Celebration One

by Fred Showker


20th Annual Designing WomenMarch is "Women's History Month" and each year for the past twenty years, we've celebrated with a guided tour of some of the best designing women we could find in the world. Some of these were actually sent in by readers, others were discovered online by staff. . Ladies and gentlemen, we present the 20th Annual Designing Women edition surf 1 :

  • UN Women ad series reveals widespread sexism
  • Hallie McGee ~ Designer + Creative
  • How the Media Failed Women in 2013
  • Nicoz Balboa: Magical Mystery Wood
  • Anita Wasik : Divine Vision
  • Liz Clements : the fine pen
  • Three Designing Women
  • Luci Gutiérrez
  • Ena Cardenal
  • ... and more to come!

Three Designing Women

20 Years of Designing Women

This one is right down our alley, with some really fresh ideas and design work. Don't miss their monogram department for a great shot in the arm!
      Three Designing Women is a recognized brand in the STAMP industry, having been featured in national print publications such as O Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, inSTYLE, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Brides, Modern Bride, Better Homes & Gardens, Redbook, Southern Living, Lucky, US Weekly and many more.
Designing Women Full story : Three Designing Women
Designing Women Click for another sample

Nicoz Balboa: Magical Mystery Wood

20 Years of Designing Women

Italian bad-girl Nicoz Balboa designs images somewhere between hate art, tattoos and pen-n-ink rendering. Keep up with her craziness on Facebook and don't miss her "Moleskine" blog. In 2010, the La Fabrica Fluxus art gallery presented "Magical Mystery Wood", the mysterious world of magic Nicoz Balboa. Wow -- here's the video:

Designing Women Full story : http://www.arty-mom.com/
Designing Women Click for a small montage of some of Nicoz's other works


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