The 19th Annual Typography, Lettering, Fonts & cool stuff Surf

by Fred Showker

19th Annual Fonts Festival All year long, I've been saving up typography references for our annual fonts surf. There are now so many typography knock-off and replicator sites it is almost no longer worth the surf. With Pinterest, and any number of other specialized social networking sites with topics, you're almost sure to get an overload of visual stimulation very quickly. So, sit back and take a little time . . .
* Accidental Typographer
* Children’s Media Conference 2013
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Accidental Typographer

19th Annual Fonts Surf in DTG Magazine

Here are some rather nice, if not sophomoric hand sketched typography exercises. We liked it. Here's their comment
      Experimentation in handwritten typography once a day in fifteen minutes or less or it's free.
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Children’s Media Conference 2013

19th Annual Fonts Surf in DTG Magazine

Series of flyers for the Children’s Media Conference, which took place at the beginning of July 2013 in Sheffield. Completed at TruthStudio.
      From the "About" page . . .
      We are passionate about the power of brand and design. It changes hearts and minds, inspires employees, engages investors, attracts the right audience and affects the bottom line.
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