Creative Tidbits #213: the world's ugliest color, beyond CMYK, free photos, icons and more

by Fred Showker

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration Here we are in the fall and you know what that means? The Typography department people are going to be working around the clock for this year's Fall Fonts Festival, and so I'm thinking I'll give'em a hand with the Creative Tidbits columns this month. . . Have fun and if YOU have a creative tidbit to report, please send it in!

  • Pantone launches new vibrant app for digital-savvy designers and colour enthusiasts
  • The World's Ugliest Color Examined By Graphic Design Experts
  • Free Stuff : Ioana Baltesiu's Stylish Icons
  • Beyond CMYK – New InfoTrends Study
  • Safe Haven for those who admire
  • Hefalo Script ~ fresh and fun!
  • Time Travel with Jenna

Time Travel with Jenna

Fred's Famous Creative Tidbits

One of the best ever resume timelines is created by Jenna Avery, who may or may not be a designer, but sure shows signs of a true sense of design. We discovered Jenna looking in the copyright free photography sites -- and ended up in her web site amazed at her talents in all kinds of stuff -- do NOT miss her "Best Of" page, Jenna writes :

Quoting  begins I am a writer: a screenwriter, short story writer, online article publisher, and program creator. I write science fiction and fantasy screenplays and stories. I also write a lot about the process of writing, claiming your true calling as a writer and as a creative, and making your biggest dreams real.
      In addition to my own writing, I use my intuition, empathy, and practicality to help leading, visionary writers step fully into their creative ideas, dreams, and abilities. Quoting  ends

creative inspiration Jenna Avery : writer, storyteller, coach, dreamer
Graphic Design inputs here is actually the WHOLE timeline, at FULL SIZE

Safe Haven for those who admire

Fred's Famous Creative Tidbits

You'll remember my story about the California ambulance chaser law firm that goes after people who use photos from the web for money? Well, I'm thrilled to discover the site where they do not support those blood-sucking bottom feeder lawyers, and recognize the spirit of sharing!

The web site features a million images of all kinds published and licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash. (Except when I use one, I'll fully credit the artist and Unsplash!) is a project by "CREW" where designers and developers have won Emmys, Cannes Lions, Apple design awards, and have built products used by tens of millions of people for some of the best companies on the planet. Crew is an invite-only community where you meet top freelance designers, developers, or studios to build your next project.
creative inspiration
Graphic Design inputs see lots more shots from Unsplash, via GOOGLE . . .

Pantone launches new vibrant app for digital-savvy designers and colour enthusiasts

Fred's Famous Creative Tidbits

Pantone has launched a brand new, colourful iOS app as part of the company's ambitious push into digital in order to reach out to younger, tech-savvy digital designers.
      Although Pantone has already ventured into the app sector before with the launch of its MyPantone in 2009, the new app does sport several new features that the company hopes will set it apart from the slew of other design-focused apps as the go-to tool for design professionals and creatives.
creative inspiration It's FREE at the App Store!
creative inspiration Hyacinth Mascarenhas
Graphic Design inputs see more . . .

Beyond CMYK – New InfoTrends Study

Fred's Famous Creative Tidbits

Advances in production digital printing toners and inks are creating new opportunities to capture high value pages that require more than traditional CMYK-based colors.
      The powerful combination of special effects (white, clear, textures, metallic, fluorescents, etc.) with the unique capabilities of digital printing (personalized and on-demand production) is opening up new applications traditionally produced with offset presses and enabling printers to add value to jobs and have a competitive differentiation.
creative inspiration InkOnDaPaper

Free Stuff : Ioana Baltesiu's Stylish Icons

Fred's Famous Creative Tidbits

Although Ioana Baltesiu is fairly new to the graphics scene, she brings some special, fresh talent! Ioana is an Art Director from Bucharest, Romania
      We thought this set of 33 free icons has a flavor all their own in a glutted field of millions of minimalist icons. And, they translate beautifully to bitmapped applications as well.
creative inspiration Ioana Baltesiu at Behance
Graphic Design inputs Here's a chart of the whole collection you can download

The World's Ugliest Color Examined By Graphic Design Experts

Fred's Famous Creative Tidbits

You may not think there’s a place in this world for the ugliest color, but you’re wrong. Pantone 448c and its muddied, brown awfulness, was deemed the world’s ugliest color by a group of researchers looking for a color that would help make cigarette packets as unappealing as possible.
But seriously folks, this is the color of the sewage we pump out of the boat after a big weekend boating!!
creative inspiration
CAUTION Careful, this site is "Click-Bait"

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