DTG News for October

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 22, #10 ~ September, 2012

  1. Fred's 2012 famous fonts surfs
  2. 18th Annual Top Typography Books in Review
  3. 40 Free Macintosh (commercial) Fonts
  4. Photoshop: 3D Typography in the Sky
  5. Building patterns has never been this easy
  6. Hermann Zapf: Design at Hallmark Cards
  7. New Gallo Fonts for Design & Crafts
  8. 12 Essential books for creative pros, freelancers
  9. CREATIVE Tidbits : Typography
  10. Fall Publishing Update
  11. Marketing Update : promotions into fall
  12. Sub Contracting can be profitable
  13. Search for AMERICA'S NEXT AUTHOR
  14. Did you see the Publishers' Warehouse?
  15. &Else NEWS for the creative professional :
  16. October rolls on, but then it's November and the Holidays

Welcome to the 18th Annual Fall Fonts Festival!

Fred's 2012 famous fonts surfs

We continue to roll with this year's Fonts Festival -- the more we surf, the better it gets -- but for this issue, some of these were sent in by readers! Don't forget to send YOURS!. Now here's what's in this edition:
* Typeface Commemorates Jean-Luc Godard's 80th Birthday
* Dyslexie, A Typeface Designed To Help Dyslexics Read
* Are Some Fonts More Believable Than Others?
* Syraph hand lettered logo by the Fontmaker
* Pablo Impallari solves the script problem
* How to Create a Ligature by David Schwen
* How to Warp Text in Adobe Illustrator
* Peanut Butter & Jelly Ampersand!
* Type Love Typography Experiment
* Smart logo begins as Helvetica
* Typography is now on Facebook
* A Typographic Anatomy Lesson
* Ply.Series - Ampersand
* Johnny Martz is BACK
* Karen Cantu Shines
... and more!
GO Fred's 2012 famous fonts surfs

18th Annual Top Typography Books in Review

It's that time again, and the year 2012 was a good year for typography books! Of particular note, there are another dozen good ones that don't hit the shelves until after November 1st ... so watch our November issue! Out of a slate of hundreds, here are our favorites for this year:
* Vintage Type and Graphics: An Eclectic Collection of Typography, Ornament, Letterheads, and Trademarks
* Design Elements, Typography Fundamentals: A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding How Typography Affects Design
* Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography and Graphic Design Influence Behavior
* Typographic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typographer in HTML and CSS
* Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design's Golden Age
* Typographic Design: Form and Communication
* Typography : Graphic Design in Context
* Vintage Commercial Art and Design
* Custom Lettering of the 40s & 50s
* Just My Type: A Book About Fonts
* The Little Black Book of Design
* Typography Sketchbooks
GO 18th Annual Top Typography Books in Review

40 Free Macintosh (commercial) Fonts

Macware, a leading Mac software publisher, has rolled out a collection of 40 of their most popular fonts . . . and now they are giving away these 40 brand new free Mac fonts on the MacAppSale website! Some are pretty cool, they're all free!

Photoshop: 3D Typography in the Sky

This Photoshop Tips & Tricks Tutorial was sent in by Dainis Graveris, and while it's all about the "dreamy" scene in the sky, learning the different type effects will help you along with 3d from Illustrator. It's an earlier version, not CS6, but like we said, you could always do all those effects in earlier versions, just maybe not so easily nor automated.
GO Tutorial 3D Typography in the Sky

Building patterns has never been this easy

For years, we've talked about the powers of Artlandia's powerful and fun pattern design software. Now they have launched an awesome new web application for making and sharing repeating patterns -- online! In your browser! It's called Artlandia SymmetryMill, and if you ever use or need patterns in your graphics, you want to try this!

Hermann Zapf: Design at Hallmark Cards

Author Rick Cusick discusses the art of "Lettering" in new book published by RIT. Hallmark helps us appreciate the small moments in life -- with greeting cards and special messages garnished with designs and lettering that enhance the full reading experience -- and we can thank Hermann Zapf.

New Gallo Fonts for Design & Crafts

Gerald Gallo comes back again year after year with new fonts -- sometimes, fonts you just can't find anywhere else ... this year : cross stitch fonts, some new ornaments, art deco titling and headlines, and even alpha-numeric styling fonts!
GO New Gallo Fonts for Design & Crafts

12 Essential books for creative pros, freelancers

The most frequent questions we get on an ongoing basis are questions about management. More and more people are launching their own careers into the creative fields with little or no formal education. But to be a success, you have to know the rules. Arm yourself with these and you cannot go wrong
GO 12 Essential books for creative pros, freelancers

CREATIVE Tidbits : Typography

Creativity is always about the people ... we love meeting new creatives and pick up on some creative typography. Follow along with this edition of Creative Tidbits:
* Destill - designer / illustrator Mike Harrison
* A 40-Minute Crash Course In Design Thinking
* TeX Writer for your iPad
* Dominique will wow you
* Buckley Typographics
* Designer Identifies The PANTONE Colors Of Superheroes
* The Future Isn't About Mobile; It's About Mobility
* Graphic Design before Graphic Designers
* OU Exhibit Celebrates Book Cover Design
* The History of Cooper Black
... and more !
GO CREATIVE Tidbits : Typography

Fall Publishing Update

Designers have to be publishers as well ... with the internet and social media, the publishing industry is faced with a complicated road ... here's the latest publishing update:
* Newspapers are running out of time to adapt to digital future
* Newspapers' Next Move In Expanding The Reach Of Digital Ads
* The digital game plan: Is anyone doing it right?
* 3 things you must know about print marketing
* For newspapers, a less than daily future
* Print is dead? Not so fast
GO Fall Publishing Update

Marketing Update : promotions into fall

Make some money! Marketing, promotion, content strategy, best practices -- important consideration for all designers... this issue:
* Why content marketing is a great SEO strategy, not a short-term tactic
* 5 Tips for Maintaining a Social Media Presence with a Skeleton Crew
* Content Strategy: Elevate Your Content Marketing in 6 Easy Steps
* Breathe new life into your marketing with visual content
* The press release diet: A 12-step program
* 7 mobile marketing best-practices
... and more
GO Marketing Update : promotions into fall

Sub Contracting can be profitable

As the economy begins to fire back up, you may become more and more busy. The market outlook for graphic designers is better now than it's been for a number of years. Now, if you should get backed up, or you're just looking for a little help -- without the rigors of hiring -- consider logoInn. They not only feature Logo Design, but Website Design, Brochure Design, Bespoke Flash Videos and a lot more. Check'em out today, and say "DTG Magazine" sent me. :-)
GO Sub Contracting can be profitable


American Idol set an all time record when 132 million votes were cast for the competition's season finale. What if the publishing industry could capture similar buzz -- excitement -- even passion? eBookMall wants to give it a go ...

Did you see the Publishers' Warehouse?

So many people missed the warehouse last month, I don't know what caused it. Maybe they were just too busy? Maybe they were too tied up with Facebook? Well, anyway, they missed a whole bunch of stuff. If you were one of those, you can make up for it this month, as we open the gates to a lot of new fonts, new inspiration, new tutorials and new items you can download. See below for directions! Or go to : http://www.graphic-design.com/PubWarehouse/

&Else NEWS for the creative professional :

there is no shortage of cool news items during September, and here are just a few that we ran across, thinking they would benefit you!
* From Sofa to Skyscraper: App Measures & Dimensions Objects
* Facebook capture 50% of global Search market?
* Capture, Retouch and Share Photos on the iPhone and iPad
* Novus Scan, a Plagiarism Scanner For Mac OS X
* Paint FX powerful HDR tools
. . . and more.
GO &Else NEWS for the creative professional

October rolls on, but then it's November and the Holidays

We'll be transitioning through October into the Holiday season and call upon you to share your favorite holiday promotions. Send'em in, and if we publish -- we'll also send you a gift!

October is brought to you by the color "Pumpkin"

September is brought to you by the Letter O

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Fred Showker
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