101 Photoshop Tutorials: From Competent to Magnificent; basics; masks; retouching

by Brenda Barron


Brenda Barron

You can really never have too many Photoshop tutorials, but it's tough weeding the good from the bad! Thank goodness Brenda has done a lot of hard work culling just the best of the best. Special thanks to Ashley Denham of Who-Is-Hosting-This.com, for sending us this article. She ran across a 2006 web page in Photoshop911 and thought DTG readers would really like this. We agreed! We're thrilled to introduce Brenda Barron to Design Center readers .... she writes :

PHOTOSHOP ENABLES YOU to pull off some advanced image editing techniques with little effort. The program contains an army of tools to help you work smarter, not harder. You can use it for anything from basic photo editing, to making a giant papercraft head of yourself for Halloween*-- it's up to you how far you take it.

This list has tutorials to help you increase your abilities, as well as projects that practice your skills. So, crack your knuckles, grab a cup of coffee -- and dive in.

Photoshop Basics

The links below can help you get to know your way around Photoshop. You will find guides on using the application and tips on setting up your workspace.

1. Getting to Know Your Workspace

If you are new to Photoshop or need a refresher, this tutorial will help. Get a full overview of the Photoshop environment -- and learn how to set your workspace.

2. Using Adobe's Bridge

Bridge is media management software. This tutorial shows you how to setup up Bridge with Photoshop for a smooth experience.

3. Saving Files to Graphics Format

The nature of your project will dictate which type of file format you want to use. Find out how to save files in every supported format.

4. Using the Tool Gallery

Get to know your way around the different Tool Galleries (Selection, Crop and Slice, Retouching, Painting, Drawing, Navigation, and 3D tools) and learn how to customize them.

5. Increase or Decrease Canvas Size With the Crop Tool

The crop tool is probably the most convenient way to change the size of your canvas.

6. Using Grids and Guidelines

Grids can be a useful visual aid. Photoshop provides grids and gridlines you can use to guide your projects.

7. Create Actions in Photoshop

Actions are macros that you can use to automate tasks and build custom file templates among other things.

8. Work with Smart Objects in Photoshop

Learn how to create Smart Objects and what you can use them for.

9. How to Use Camera Raw

If you have a supported camera, you can use Camera Raw to edit the Raw files in Photoshop.

10. Make Non-Destructive Edits with Camera Raw

There are some advantages to editing Raw files over JPGs. This tutorial shows you how to make non-destructive edits with Camera Raw in Photoshop.

This concludes part 1 ... now, let's go to part two

Getting to Know the Editing Tools

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